...More than just a pretty face.

Since its foundation in Wrightsville Beach, Blush | Haus of Beaute, a luxury multi-brand beauty retailer and salon. With over 20 years experience,  we are the brand curated for a diverse clientele with an appreciation of sophistication. Blush has successfully created an experience focused on the needs of the guest. Paired with a collection of the world’s best beauty brands, the alignment of selection, service, and integrity has led the brand to an overwhelming success.

In 2010,  Blush merged with Lavish and the Haus of Beaute was created with an opportunity and a long term vision based on heritage.  With the marry of a sought after location, luxury brands, a god given talent, and a need for speed, Elisha created a menu of services with a no-fail guarantee for moms and working women on the go.  Growing up in a salon was special.  Early on, Elisha was told by her mom and her staff that anything could be done with the right shade of lipstick and a good blowout.  She was a lucky little girl with a dream,  a team of women behind her that wanted her to succeed, and a walk in's welcome sign in the background. The Haus of Beaute was created to pay that experience forward.  People would be able to count on Blush to feel beautiful for anything they needed whenever they needed it just as she had.