Extra! Extra!

Hitting the streets with SHU UEMERA and some friends!

Chelsea and Ethan are two of my faves to photograph with. One, because they are both easy on the eyes. Two because they are both so dang talented. That may be in the wrong order. Moving on...In this shoot I was able to step out of the box. I love volume and street style isn’t something that comes natural to me, I’d say I was a little more on the safe side, so this was fun. Michael, who I love too, that’s a given, (the honorable mention, was the no mention, because he’s so cool he’s a secret), pulled the clothes from Oliver for me. The clothes were amazing, no doubt. Rebecca Taylor, is my all time favorite because of her interesting way of combining beauty with edge which inspires me at Blush. Self portrait is also absolutely beautiful, exquisite lace and portrait worthy shapes fit for a queen, make photographing them a dream.

Hair was done by yours truly, with Shu Uemura’s fiber lift, volume in powder, and blow dry beautifier. I started the style with two skinny cornrows down both sides of her head to create anchor spots for my bands. Then I teased her hair up and just criss crossed the bungees to the braids in a diagonal pattern. Her hair was then pulled loose in places to give it volume and personality and left the ends out. This is all following a classic blush blowdry, and full head of wavy gravy. Everyone doesn’t always get a trophy and I didn’t win this contest, but we were featured on a cool IG, and that was pretty neat. I’ll enter again, because it’s always fun, to step away, do something different, and learn something new.