The Summer Essentials

The Summer Essentials

Don't worry I have you covered, I want to share with all of you babes my favorite things to toss in your bag and run! We already touched on skin protection earlier this month, so that goes without saying, these are the additional essentials for your best Summer day! Of course you can grab all of these items at Blush on your way to the beach.

Lets start with the obvious, a beach towel for you to relax on. My favorite are by The Beach People, we have the super cute roundies in the salon for you to come get! I also think its a great idea to always have a comb with you to run through your hair after you get out of the water Poketo makes some really adorable wide tooth combs that are my go to.

With all of the sun exposure that your face and lips will be getting it is important to exfoliate and keep them hydrated. My killer combo for this includes the Sara Happ Pink grapefruit lip scrub, followed up by the Kiehl's Butter Stick. Sara Happ's lip scrub is great at invigorating your senses and it makes your lips perk up, it is a completely vegan product so the ingredient list is really great. The Kiehl's Butter Stick is next and comes in a variety of shades and has an SPF of 30.

There you have it, my quick and easy Summer bag essentials guide! Swing through Blush today and we will get you set up with all of the must haves of the season.